Monday, July 5, 2010


high swings and 40 yd sprint
10 rounds
start with 10 High Swings then each round subtract 1 swing until 1 swing and a sprint


  1. I went freestyle on this as I don't have a flat for sprints. Did 10x burpee, 10x high swing 10x walking lunges 9 times with 25lb KB. I feel like I'm a bit thlabby these days (when thin girls feel flabby). But after last weeks 44lb kb workout and a set of deadlifts & moving house it's taken me days to recover and want to work out. Prob not eating enough either, during moving out.

  2. adam 70# kettlebell 4 min 20 sec
    miko 28# kb 5min 03 sec

    that was yucky, and lovely

  3. 52lb kbell. didn't time it. felt like 6 or 7 mins. ran back n forth in aerobics room. continued with some kick drills after for another 20 mins. leg felt good running straight.