Saturday, May 29, 2010

retuning to training and paleo + dairy

I just spent 2 months in the south. Part of that was just living and doing work there and the last part of that was in a survival mode. Where I ate what I found in the woods. There is a survival concept to eat whatever you find.

The interesting thing about my trip was allowing myself to eat for survival not eating for thriving. The results were cool. However the most interesting thing for me was the return to eating strict paleo with some dairy.

Two weeks before I left for the bayou I began eating gluten again, after not having eaten gluten for a year-ish. The reason being, when you haven’t eaten processed sugars and gluten you will get sick and I didn’t need to get sick in the bayou! Imagine getting some red pepper in your nose. You will have a funky mucus response. That is the same thing that your gut does when you eat gluten.

With that said, before leaving (after starting gluten) I got sick. My body began to handle the gluten but ALL of my performance markers went down. I also put on bodyfat but not weight which means I loss lean muscle mass.

Two major things happened on my return to paleo + dairy eating. First, I was super grumpy. I was an asshole and did not want to talk or hang out with anyone. This asshole grumpiness lasted for about 3 days. Then, almost without even trying, I leaned out within 1 week. I did not put on the same strength but that is because I have not been training. However, I did try parkour with the PK Cali guys and did really well. I was a couple of steps slow compared to 2 months ago and I had a slight hip flexor swelling but I was much better off than I would have thought.

The grumpy asshole stuff is because of the body repair/detoxing the toxin load.

In summary, the gluten and the sugar compromised my emotions, body fat, lean muscle mass, problem solving skills, and at the end I performed better and happier one week after returning to PALEO.

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