Thursday, April 8, 2010

tues 27 april 2010

30 wall balls (12lbs. medicine ball)
15 double unders
5 pull ups

5 rounds total; stop at 5 rounds or 15 min. (whichever comes first)
scale as needed

post time /# rounds to comments


  1. 13:11 5 rounds total w/12lbs med ball & double unders all rounds. 2 rounds of jumping pull ups & 3 rounds of kipping pull ups. had an approx. 25 yd jog from wall to pull up bar at playground (handball wall - - throw back from elementary! loved that!)

  2. alright im coming back
    had to modify
    1st round 30 wall balls- 30 jump rope-5 push ups
    then 20-30-5
    5 rounds 11:39

  3. I managed 4 rounds, alternating double unders and singles,A-frame push-ups, and make-shift wallballs.

    **Made make-shift wallballs**
    (squatted down through MB up in air and caught it, because there was no wall around. Then further modified with throwing medicine ball to ground and catching it.

  4. 12# ball 12 foot target 13:20
    Good job everyone and welcome back moj. Lets steal the welcome back carter theme song and make it welcome back moj

    have fun

  5. 14:08
    +6 deadhang pullups after

  6. Did four rounds in a bit over 15 min with a 10 lb ball and getting it up off the backboard. I could do more if I didn't spend so much time on those $%&@$%#^&*~>*&^$%#&#*@#$&#*@#$#(@*#&%^$&#^#@#$$@#@&#$*#@&@^#$%# double-unders, though they are getting better . . . slowly.

  7. 9:34
    30 jumps instead of dbl unders (I'll start practicing those!)
    5 pull ups from hanging wrings. feet on floor, legs out straight.