Friday, April 4, 2014

It has been awhile and I have been receiving a lot of emails about what to get and carry so here is some of thestuff and the beginning of the disaster prep videos

Later I will have a booklist
Every Day Carry
THis is stuff always on your person or close at hand. Much of this is small and useful.
  1. Bag to carry it in. Any bag that is comfy from purse to backpack
  2. Fire
    1. ferro rod and scraper
    2. Striker, carbide tool sharpener
    3. Vaseline soaked cotton balls wrapped in aluminum foil
    4. matches, dont bother
    5. lighter, sure but dont rely on it
  3. Water
    1. 1 qt water bottle with water in it
    2. steel water bottle:
  4. Shelter
    1. weather protection, get a long sleeve shirt and something to cover your neck and face
      1. rain
      2. snow
      3. sun
  1. Multi Tool/knife
    1. Leatherman Wave or Surge and or a raptor
    2. Knives
      1. Scrapyard:
      2. Swamprat:
      3. Fehrman:
      4. ESEE:
      5. survive knives:                                                

  2. Communications
    1. have a charged cell phone and a charger
  3. Flashlight
    1. works to illuminate and protect/self defense if you get the right kind
    2. I use a surefire e1b for my handheld and a Surefire minimus for my headlamp, find them on sale or used
    3. if you want cheaper
      1. go with nitecore or olight maybe a fenix
  4. Snack
    1. EPIC bar
  5. Cash about $100
  6. Cordage
    1. 550 cord or dental floss
  7. Spork
  8. Basic first aid that should take up as much as one or two altoid tins
      1. tourniquet
      2. heavy bandage
      3. hemostatic agent
      4. tweezers
      5. hemostat
      6. sponge
      7. safety pins
      8. Bandaid
      9. any mandatory meds you may need
        1. epi pens/benedryl
        2. insulin
        3. etc
  9. Misc,
    1. Handcuff key
    2. lock pick set if you know how to use it. If you dont learn
    3. weapon if you that is your bent
    4. sunglasses UVA/UVB

This kit should be supplemented with what you are already carrying. Example there is no need to have another hand held flash light. However make sure you have batteries for the one your are carrying.

  1. Fire
    1. Large Ferro Rod
  2. Water
    1. Lifesaver water bottles
      2. ½ gallon for each person in the family. Have a method of carrying it that is easy. I recommend having a new water bladder (camelback) that is dry and before you head on your walk fill the bladder and you have everything in your backpack.
  3. Shelter
    1. small blanket x 2 (if you have kids one wont cut it) or really good small sleeping bag
      1. wool blankets are awesome but they are bulky and heavy.
    2. small tarp
    3. sleeping pad
      1. anything here will do from expensive thermarest to used military surplus isomat
  4. Self Defense
    1. Tire Club
    2. Bear Spray
    3. Chain mail suit (Just seeing if your paying attention)
    4. Pistol with spare magazine
    5. Good flashlight
  5. Communication
    1. way to charge phone or computer
    2. satellite messenger each company has some interesting options. Look at them both and think about what you may need.
      1. SPOT,
      2. Delorme,
  6. Tools
    2. Shovel foldable
    3. Stuff to trade or give away
    4. Cordage
    5. Blinky lights (the small red LED lights for bicyclists are cheap and AWESOME)
  7. First Aid
    2. Trauma
      1. splints
      2. Tourniquets
      3. big blood bandages
    3. Basic medical
      1. scrapes
      2. bruises
      3. cuts
      4. punctures
      5. allergies
  8. Comfort
    1. For the kids
      1. candy
      2. toy
      3. stuffed animal
      4. books
      5. charged ipod
    2. Shoes for everyone
    3. Backpack for at least 2

  1. Food
    1. one month rations that are easily prepared and moved
      1. protein
        1. Canned fish
      2. fat
        1. coconut oil
        2. avocado
        3. nuts
      3. carbs
        1. potatoes
        2. Sweet potatoes
        3. Greens
        4. Yucca
        5. plantains
        6. apples, you can stew these for a long time or dry them
        7. dried fruits
        8. pickled
      4. something fun
    2. Ensure that you begin rationing soon. As Americans we consume a great deal more food than we NEED. Don't wait too long. Remember to start cooking what you have in the fridge first. LEAVE THE FREEZER CLOSED the meat that is frozen will keep it cold for a few more days. The stuff in the fridge will not keep. Splurge on that.
  2. Water there are two purification systems that I use
    1. Lifesaver the cubes or jerry cans
    2. First needs General ecology hand pump
    3. 10 gallons per person minimum
    4. Fill bath tubs, pots pans etc. Fill EVERYTHING!
    5. Remember that your hot water heater has between 20 and 50 gallons of clean water. If you turn off the water from the street after you fill the tubs then the water wont get compromised.
  3. Hygiene
    1. Bathroom
      1. Bucket
        1. solid waste in the bucket
        2. wet waste elsewhere
        3. kitty litter
        4. lime
        5. cedar
        6. trash bags
      2. Soap
      3. teeth
      4. fingernails
      5. etc
  4. Medical
    1. meds
    2. first aid
  5. Communication
    1. Radio
  6. Solar Charger
  7. Books. Will keep people busy for longer periods of time, keeps them mentally and emotionally engaged and it helps build education since the kids wont be in school.
    1. fun
    2. educational
    3. Time consuming
      1. books
    4. No need for electronics
  8. Tools
    1. basic hand tools for carpentry and vehicular maintenance.
    2. House hold items,
      1. pots pans (cast iron)
      2. knives
      3. knife sharpener
    3. Extra easily damageable items
      1. tarps
      2. handles for tools
      3. clothing
      4. boots/shoes
    4. Wagon for easily moving all this about. Even if you are taking it to a vehicle or from the garage to the house or taking out garbage. Keep a good wagon (outdoorsy type) or wheelbarrow around. THey can even be used for a great toy for the kids, i.e. Calvin and Hobbesesque


  1. I forgot to add my favorite knife company and a few other things:
    contractor trash bags
    wool base layers ibex, icebreakers

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  2. ESEE: survive knives: ...