Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The Keys to Marksmanship
  1. Natural Point of Aim
  2. Bone Support
  3. Muscle Relaxation
  4. Stock/Cheek/Spot Weld
  5. Breath Control
  6. Trigger Control
  7. Sight Alignment
  8. Sight Picture
  9. Grip
  10. Position

We are going to tackle these in pieces.
I am also starting with a rifle. I think it is easier and smarter to start with long guns. They are easier to keep track of so you don't unintentionally point (flag) another person and easier to learn the fundamentals on. 

What is your NPA or Natural Point of Aim?
This is where the smart ass in the class always says where you naturally point, and the answer I always give is, "Yep! Exactly."
It is where you "naturally want to point". If you lay down in a prone position which is the most stable shooting platform you can shoot in. Bench resting the gun is not what I am talking about because that is a whole other sub-genre and it is not what I want or am willing to screw with right now. This is about pulling your rifle out of your truck and shooting what ever you want and not missing!
So, back to the prone position, acquire your sight alignment and sight picture close your eyes and take a breath. When you open your eyes where are you pointing. If you are no longer on the target then adjust your body DO NOT PULL YOUR RIFLE! This is called muscling the rifle, DONT do it. When you get into shooting moving targets you may need to be able to move some but DO NOT start that habit on stationary targets. If you are patient most of your targets wont be moving. If you are shooting humans that is different but you will have been trained for it and you will be either in the military or Law Enforcement! Practice by ensuring that your NPA and desired target are the same. Again sight alignment/sight picture is acquired, close your eyes take a normal breath or two and open them. If you are on target exactly where you want to be then great. If not move your body, move those hips. Get used to it and it will serve you later. It will transfer to shotgun, sub gun and pistol work!
Last part of this is don't take huge breaths. It will begin to change how much slack your body picks up. Example, bend over to touch your toes. If you close your eyes and take a few breaths you will only be so deep. If you take huge deep breaths you will be much deeper. This is a problem later when you are shooting and you get into position and then you have different breathing patterns from checking your NPA to actually shooting the rifle. "Consistency = Accuracy!" so take normal breaths while checking NPA and before shooting your target.

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