Thursday, May 24, 2012

day 13 an 14

These are mobility, neuro and steady stated cardio days
Mobility is roll something out or spend 5 min 3x rolling out or golf balling
Neuro 3 to 5x throughout the day

  1. Light weight OHS about 1/2 of your max and hold the bottom position for 30 seconds 2x
  2. Handstand wall roll downs 1x 
  3. Back bend bear crawl. (bear craw but belly to the sky think walk on all fours in a back bend) 5 yd fwd and back 1x
Walk L3 (lazy long and loaded) w/ 10 to 15% bodyweight for 40 min to an hour. so 1.5 to 3 miles. Again that is lazy or swim L2 (lazyand long) for about the same. Take breaks if necessary

If you want to do both fine but cut one of the movements in half. 


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