Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am recycling a few workouts

Here is one of my favorite

100 High swings
for every break you have 30 doubleunders
at the end take the total number of double unders that you did and multiply that by 5. This is a the total of single jumpropes that you have to finish.
2 examples
1. 100 High swings you are finished, record your time.
2. 42 High swings Break 30 double unders
27 hs Break 30 du
22 hs Break 30 du
09 hs Break 30 du
Total 100 HS and 120 DU. 120 x 5. 700 single jump ropes. You are finished record your time

Adv 1/3 Body Weight kettlebell
Int 1/4 bw kb
Beg. 1/2 bw kb jumping jacks instead of double unders


  1. 10 wonderfully disgusting minutes with a 70# kettlebell

    I typed up the rules slightly incorrectly. At the end of the last round it wouldnt be a break so you dont have to do that last set of 30 double unders. However since I typed it wrong I did it as punishment for lack of attention to detail.

  2. miko did it with penalties 8min 49

    55- 45#kb regular swings
    45- 25# high swings

    other clients
    1. elderly woman 28# kb reg swings 24 min with jumping jacks
    2. middle age man 53 kb 30 min (more than half with high swings)